Find out where the rest of the Wall went!

Wednesday, 27 April 2016
Find out where the rest of the Wall went!

Fun for all the family!

  1. Take a ruler , paper & pencil with you when you walk along beside Hadrian’s Wall in Gilsland.
  2. Choose a typical stone on the facing of the Wall and measure the length and width of your stone.
  3. When you get back to base, cut out a same size piece of paper - newspaper, etc - it doesn’t need to be special paper.
  4. Then on all your expeditions around Gilsland, see how many times you find a stone the same size as your piece of paper - in houses, walls, Thirlwall Castle etc etc.!!

That’s where the stones of the Wall went!

Hint: make sure you have your paper stone in your pocket when visit Thirlwall Castle! And try to work out where the Wall must have been there before it was used to build the castle!