River Irthing Walk

Friday, 11 March 2016
River Irthing Walk

The Irthing Gorge starts with Crammel Linn waterfall, where the water has cut through the Scottish calciferous sandstone to give a 10m drop. The sides of the gorge are steep and covered initially with yew and later by ash and birch trees.

The best way to approach the gorge is by starting in Gilsland at Bath house, just past the Bridge Inn.

The pathway alongside the river bank takes you towards Irthing House Farm and from there onto a small road prior to a left turn into the driveway for Wardrew House. It is believed that this site has been occupied since for at least 700 years. There are records of Edward 1st visiting the site in 1306. Other notable visitors have included Robert Burns ( 1787) and Sir Walter Scott ( 1797).

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