Thirlwall Parish Council is looking for an excellent leader, manager and administrator who can help councillors develop their vision for the council.

The new Parish Clerk will play a crucial role in ensuring the delivery of high quality services to the residents of Gilsland and Longbyre. This post requires candidates to have a clear understanding of local government, and an excellent record in administration, policy, project management, communication and strategic thinking.

Excellent IT skills are essential and attendance at committee meetings (in person and online) will be required. This will involve evening meetings on a bi-monthly basis.

This position is advertised on the basis of 8 hours per month, the salary will be for part time working and paid at SCP7 @ £10.44 per hour.

For further information about the work of the Parish Council please go to the Thirlwall PC website (which forms part of) 

For an informal discussion regarding the post, please contact Cllr. Sue Seymour, Chair of Thirlwall Parish Council, on Tel: 016977 47359 and Mobile: 07935 259416.

If you are interested, please apply in writing including your CV to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. The closing date for applications is 5pm on Monday 30th November 2020.


At the National Institute for Health Research (NIHR) funded research project based at the University of Southampton. We’re looking to recruit members of the public to take part in a large-scale survey on the preventative behaviours people are taking to avoid catching COVID-19 and the long-term effect of those that have suffered from COVID-19 during the pandemic.  To make our findings as meaningful as possible, we are hoping to get a broad range of participants from across the UK. 

Details about the project can be found here and we have social media posts that link to the survey set up for ease of sharing from our Facebook and Twitter accounts here and here. This is the direct link to the survey:


If you are interested in taking part:

What does it involve?

We are collecting the experiences of thousands of people from many countries across the globe which have been affected by Covid-19. Anyone can take part in the survey, whether or not they became ill with Covid-19. The questions take 10-20 minutes to complete. We are also asking participants to provide us with their email address so that we can ask them a few more questions about new or ongoing symptoms three months later. Although this is optional, understanding how peoples’ symptoms change over time is a very powerful way of understanding the illness better. Providing an email address will also allow us to enter participants into a cash prize draw and send them a summary of the results when they are available.

What is the likely impact of this study?

This study will help us to answer several questions about Covid-19, including:

  • What did people do to avoid Covid-19? How did this affect their risk of becoming ill?
  • What treatments did people use when they were ill? Did this affect how ill they became?
  • How many people have developed long-lasting symptoms following Covid-19? Which symptoms are most common? Can we predict who will experience longer-term symptoms?
  • How do behaviours and treatments differ between different countries? What are the potential implications of this?

The results of the study will be published in scientific publications, sent to participants who provide their email address, published online, and sent to key stakeholders.

How can people take part?

Please encourage as many people as possible to take part. Anyone who is able to provide consent can take part by going to the online survey.








Pursuant to section 87(2) of the Local Government Act 1972, that Mr. Peter Hunter formerly a Member of the above named Parish Council, has ceased to be a Member of the Parish Council, and that a vacancy now exists in the office of Councillor for the Parish.

If, within 14 days (*) after the date of this notice (i.e. no later than Thursday 15th October 2020), a request for an election to fill the vacancy is made to The Returning Officer, Elections Office, Northumberland County Council, County Hall, Morpeth, NE61 2EF by TEN electors for the Parish (Ward), an election will be held to fill the vacancy, otherwise the vacancy will be filled by co-option.

Please find the last in the series of COVID-19 Newsletter No.4 here. These will not be produced again unless there is a further tightening of Coronavirus restrictions.

It is envisaged that the normal Gilsland Village magazine will return shortly.