Go Gilsland is a community led organisation offering a demand led service to connect people from Gilsland to local railway stations and visitor attractions. Go Gilsland have a “G-Gaxy”, an electric car, with the capacity to carry four passengers plus luggage.

The aim of the project is to connect the community of Gilsland with the national rail network and to connect visitors (be they tourists or on business) arriving by train, with both the World Heritage Site of Hadrian’s Wall and Gilsland. The area has considerable tourism potential and it is hoped that this new service will assist public transport users to connect with existing bus services and the Tyne Valley Railway Line as well as visiting the numerous attractions in the area. Local drivers for the car have now been recruited and trained.

The scheme will work by prospective users booking the car via a telephone number 07399993979. It is best to book your transport a day or two in advance.

Official launch of the GoGilsland sustainable community transport project.

A range of sponsors have contributed to this project, including Northumberland National Park, The Joicey Trust, The Campaign to Open Gilsland Station, Gilsland Church of England School, The National Lottery, Tyne Valley Community Rail Partnership and CrossCountry.