If you would like to see your business or event displayed on this site for visitors we offer a free listing for relevant businesses and events. Your entry could be in one of:

For the first 4 types of entry (i.e. other than the Calendar) we off for free a listing which will comprise:

  • A text entry with links to your own website;
  • An image (or a small number of images) as part of that text;
  • An automated summary entry which will comprise the first part of your text entry and a selected image (reduced in size) with a link to your full entry.

Conditions: Your full entry will be on a web page of its own and whilst we stipulate no actual limit we would expect this to be targetted at a typical desktop screen size, including any images. You can provide links to your own website if you have one, or contact telephone numbers. If you provide an email address, we will obscure it in software to reduce the potential for spamming, but would prefer to link to your website for your contact details and not provide email addresses.

The accuracy of your entry is your responsibility and we reserve the right to remove entries at any time, especially if they are inaccurate or mis-leading or in the event links to your website cease to work. We will accomodate a reasonable annual change to your free entry but it is your responsibility to inform us of the changes.

For an entry in the calendar we are happy to include anything local or further afield that is of interest either in the community or for our visitors. The more information you include the more useful it will be, especially to visitors to the area. So please consider providing as much of the following information as possible:

  1. Title of your event; (required)
  2. Date(s) and time(s); (required)
  3. Organiser; (optional)
  4. Contact details e.g. phone, email address; (optional but would be nice please)
  5. Link to the event's website page if there is on; (optional)
  6. Venue, name or address or Postcode for the event - which means we can link it to a map. (required)

To provide a directory or calendar entry on this site please initially contact Nigel via this site's contact form.